Difference in number of duplicated records in the VA RVL from 2021-2022

Since I know there have been a number of registrars and volunteers around the state that have been working to try and improve the maintenance of the VA voters rolls, I thought people would be interested in some summary results that I can now compute. While there is still plenty of work to be done, we have at least made some progress.

Below you will find the graph of the number of detected duplicate records in the statewide VA Registered Voter Lists as pulled on 2021-11-06 and 2022-09-22. The duplicate detection is based on an exact match of the join of (First Name + Middle Name + Last Name + Suffix + DOB + Gender) fields.

The total number of duplicate records detected in the 2021-11-06 RVL was 1882, and the total number of duplicate records in the 2022-09-22 RVL was 1471. Thats a 21% reduction in the number of duplicated voter records!

Interestingly enough, many of the duplicates actually cross over between multiple localities, so it is possible that many of these duplicated records are people that legitimately moved, but for some reason were given a new voter ID in the new locality and the old locality never removed their record. (A persons voter ID is supposed to be unique to them and ‘follow’ them throughout moves, etc.)

Any registrars who are interested in reviewing the specific records identified, please feel free to contact us.

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