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Update on 2021 VA Election Data Comparisons

Originally Posted 01-31-2022.

As of 03-20-2022, the latest version of my master spreadsheet posted below.

This includes the updates from my discussions with the York County registrar (see here), the comparison to DAL file entries (here), and the latest updates and comparisons to Statement of Results (SOR) / Machine Tape records, including ABLEMARLE, ACCOMACK COUNTY (partial), FAIRFAX COUNTY, FREDERICK COUNTY, GOOCHLAND COUNTY, HENRICO COUNTY (partial), ISLE OF WIGHT, LOUDOUN COUNTY (partial), LOUISA COUNTY, NORFOLK CITY, ORANGE COUNTY, POWHATAN COUNTY (partial), PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, STAFFORD COUNTY, SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, SUFFOLK COUNTY and YORK COUNTY. There’s more to process, but I wanted to put out a status update.

The previous result between the “official” CSV results and the “official” DAL file results has not changed at 5,766 Net discrepancies and 17,194 absolute. Latest update includes some cleaning up of the spreadsheet formulas and making sure that I am only accounting for discrepancies for those rows where we actually have verified transcriptions and/or tape images. The current discrepancies in the records between the CSV and the SOR / Machine Tapes is 4,549 Net discrepancies and 27,905 Absolute discrepancies. “Net” discrepancies are summed such that +/- deltas per candidate can cancel out, whereas “Absolute” discrepancies are summed using the absolute value. I have only been focusing on the Governors race at the moment and not any of the down-ballot races. Again many many “thank you’s” to the volunteers at VFA who have been helping to put all of this together.