2022 General Election GA Daily Absentee Report Statistics

Similar to the statistics that I have been computing for the VA Daily Absentee List (DAL), I have also been collecting the daily early voting reports from the GA secretary of states website. These are also a set of cumulative files that track the status of early and absentee ballots.

I’m using the same set of processing techniques on the GA data as I am doing with the VA datafiles, save for some slight tweaks due to differences in the datasets. (1) GA doesn’t have the ‘Marked’ or ‘Pre-Processed’ distinction in how they track their mail in ballots like VA does, those records are all simply labeled as ‘Mail-In’. (2) GA has an ‘Electronic’ category for ballots, which I’m assuming is the equivalent of the ‘FWAB’ category in VA.

There are two plots below representing the same data, one plot with a linear y-axis and the other with a logarithmic y-axis. The x-axis is the date that each DAL file processed was archived and pulled from the Dept of Elections servers. Solid traces are directly extracted data from the DAL files. Dashed traces are computed metrics such as the number of “vanished” voters detected. Red datapoints are placed on traces that exhibit questionable behavior, for example if the number of “approved” and “countable” ballots ever decreases, etc. Vertical dotted lines indicate important dates.

All of the latest plots for every locality and precinct as well as the corresponding underlying CSV data files will be updated daily, and you can download them here.

The semilog versions of the plots for all localities or precincts that appear in the DAL data per locality are shown in the gallery below. The image carousel below might take a moment to load, btw.

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