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Dallas, TX Election Fingerprint

Election Fingerprint for Dallas, TX polling places – All Vote Types:


  • The results have a rotated and elongated orientation, and looks like a number of distinct “hot-spots” within the larger cluster.
  • Vote share near or over 100% is highly irregular and indicates a strong potential for fraud in any election. In the image above, there is what looks like a cluster centered around 50% turnout and spreading across multiple turnout bins of near 100% vote share for Biden.  Even in contentious elections, voter turnout over 90% is statistically unlikely, but not impossible.
  • Of the 868 precincts in this dataset, 87 are in the > 90% vote share for Biden band, 46 had > 93%, 15 had > 95%, and 2 had > 97%.
  • This fingerprint shows modest items of interest, but is inconclusive.