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VA “Provisional” Ballots

The number of provisional votes in Virginia started growing rapidly on 19 October. The root cause of the increase is most likely same-day voter registration. This will cause a workload increase for election officials. Provisional ballots may NOT be counted, so Voters should register in advance to avoid the risk.

The number of ballots in “Provisional” status is growing. This is to be expected because Virginia began allowing “same day voter registration” on 1 October, and same-day votes are to be labeled Provisional.

A handful of ballots were Provisional status prior to 1 October, and this ought to be explained. The steady increase of Provisional ballots started on 19 October. The count of Provisional ballots is currently growing by approximately 200 ballots each day. This number is expected to grow exponentially as we approach election day.

The root cause of the Provisional ballot increase is most likely “same day registration and voting” but a detailed study has not yet been performed.

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